Machine Tool Calibration

Northwest Metrology uses the latest technology to simultaneously measure linear, angular, straightness, and roll errors with ease and up to 80% less downtime. If your machine is not running and producing quality parts you are not making money. We deliver the results you deserve and should expect.

Measurement Services

Northwest Metrology's experienced technicians use the latest technology for applications including, but not limited to, assembly alignment, part and assembly inspection, machine installation and alignment, and reverse engineering.

3D Scanning Services

A picture is worth a thousand words, and now, with FARO's latest ultra-portable Focus Laser Scanner, we can capture fast, straight forward and accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings.

Machine Tool Calibration

CNC Laser Calibration

If your machine is not running and producing quality parts you are not making money. Therefore, a complete and ongoing program of Machine Calibration is a necessary prerequisite to any quality program. With the latest technology, Northwest Metrology offers metrological services that can analyze the performance of CNC and other machinery with ease. Whether you need a simple Ballbar test, or a 5 axis CNC calibration package, we will measure, correct, and certify the condition of your equipment. We deliver the results you deserve and should expect.

What are the benefits of Laser Calibration?

  • Increase Machine Uptime and Productivity 
  • Increase Machine Accuracy
  • Hold Tighter Tolerances 
  • Reduce Scrap, Rework and Inspection Costs 
  • Document Quality for Vendor Certification Programs  
  • Increase understanding about your machine’s performance and your production environment 
  • Increase Equipment Life 
  • Find your machines “Sweet Spot”

Laser Calibration

Using the XD Laser from API, we are able to measure linear, angular, straightness and roll errors for rapid machine tool error assessment. The XD Laser’s fast, accurate measurement of machine positioning and axial capability makes complete machine assessment possible with up to 80% less downtime. For example, a complete measurement of a 1 meter volume machine could be accomplished in 3 to 4 hours instead of 3 days.

Ballbar Analysis

Ballbar testing provides a simple, rapid check of a CNC machine tool’s positioning performance. Recognizing international standards (e.g. ISO, ANSI/ASME ect.), it allows users to benchmark and track the performance of their machines and to quickly diagnose problems that may require maintenance and the error sources that produce them. Don’t underestimate the power of anticipating your machines problems. Knowing you have an issue enables you to plan downtime for repairs instead of being forced to fix something when a machine goes down mid production cycle.

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Measurement Services

Large Part Inspection

In many industries such as aerospace, automotive, and heavy equipment manufacturing, large-scale measurements are a common requirement. Given the large scale of various components in each of these industries, consistent, accurate measurements are necessary to maintain design intent and performance; however, taking large-volume measurements can be a slow and cumbersome task.

Northwest Metrology's service department uses the latest large volume metrology tools, such as the FARO Laser Tracker, to streamline the entire process. Quickly taking precision measurements at any scale, portable metrology solutions provide the highest accuracy with the least amount of user variability, eliminating costly rework and scrap.


Misalignments can cause machine downtime and significantly decrease machine performance; however, portable CMMs such as laser trackers and measuring arms can help to mitigate these issues.

Northwest Metrology's experienced technicians use the FARO Laser Tracker to accomplish many tasks such as machine tool alignment, roller and press alignment, jig and fixture alignment or CMM alignment. This accurate and fast method reduces downtime, improves quality and generates a proper trend analysis of distortion and other changes in a machine’s operation.

For smaller scale tasks, such as on-machine alignment, we use portable CMMs which are an ideal solution to complement the laser tracker work.

Tool Building & Setup

Tool building and injection molding within the automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding industries require a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Using FARO’s laser tracker and our portable CMM we can perform full volumetric accuracy tests on tools and molds to ensure parts are being manufactured to the highest standard. With these metrology instruments, tool makers can also identify or predict defects by evaluating the dimensional integrity and repeatability of tools and molds.

CAD-Based Inspection

Using the latest technology, Northwest Metrology can simplify the implementation of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing and provide efficient, easy-to-use solutions for CAD-based 3D inspections and nominal comparisons.  With our versatile contact and non-contact measuring capabilities, we can utilize CAD overlays to check complex geometry against design or CAD comparison to evaluate deviations in surface form and ensure every part is machine to an exacting tolerance.

Dimensional Analysis

Machined parts come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, and Northwest Metrology has the equipment and expertise to perform part inspection and dimensional analysis required to verify their accuracy and quality.  

We use the latest measurement technology, such as our FARO Laser Trackers and our portable measuring arm. These meet a variety of dimensional measurement  needs, such as on-machine and in-process inspection, and CAD comparison to ensure proper tolerances are achieved.

Revere Engineering

Reverse engineering is becoming a more popular method of creating a 3D model of a part without existing CAD files. Reverse engineering reconstructs classic designs and implements new ones. It can generate lost or absent design documentation and update or create as-built documentation.  

Using non-contact 3D laser scanning, Northwest Metrology’s portable CMM and 3D documentation solutions integrate 3D modeling processes into a single step. We can provide virtual simulations of automotive interiors, support rapid prototyping in plastics manufacturing and inspect composite surfaces in aerospace assembly.

3D Scanning Services

3D Laser Scanning

Northwest Metrology provides you with 3D solutions for a 3D world. Using the ultra-portable FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanner we are able to capture fast, straight forward and accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings. 


  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Heritage
  • Inspection and reverses engineering
  • Process industry and digital factory
  • Public Safety and Forensics
  • Civil Engineering/Surveying
  • Shipbuilding
  • Facility Management


  • Distance accuracy up to 2mm
  • Range from 0.6m up to 330m
  • Noise reduction 50%