As the official HEIDENHAIN representative for the Pacific Northwest we offer the full line of HEIDENHAIN products including HEIDENHAIN Precision Scales, Linear, Rotary & Angle Encoders, Digital Readouts and Acu-Rite's MillPWR G2. 

We also represent Anilam, RSF Electronics, Leine & Linde, Metronics and Renco. 

Machinery Sales

As the offical Kent USA representatives for Washington and Oregon we offer the full line of Kent Machinery including Grinders, Lathes, Mills, EDMs and Radial Arm Drills.

Ballscrew Services

24 Hour Ball Screw Repair; New Ball Screws, New Acme Screws & Reconditioning Services.


Linear Encoders

Sealed linear encoders are protected from dust, chips and splash fluids and are ideal for operation on machine tools.

Exposed linear encoders operate with no mechanical contact between the scanning head and the scale tape. Typical areas of application for these encoders include measuring machines, comparators and other precision devices in linear metrology, as well as production and measuring equipment, for example in the semiconductor industry.

Angle Encoders

HEIDENHAIN angle encoders are characterized by high accuracy values in the arc second range and better. Examples for application:

  • Rotary tables on machine tools
  • Swivel heads on machine tools 
  • C axes on lathes
  • Gear-testing machines
  • Printing units on printing machines
  • Spectrometers
  • Telescopes

Digital Readouts

Digital readouts serve to visualize the values measured with linear encoders, length gauges, rotary encoders or angle encoders. Areas of application include:

  • Measuring and inspection equipment
  • Dividing apparatuses
  • Monitoring of measuring equipment
  • Manual machine tools
  • Measuring machines

Length Gauges

Length gauges from HEIDENHAIN offer high accuracy over the entire measuring range, are mechanically rugged, and can be used in a great variety of applications.  They have a wide range of applications in production metrology, in multipoint inspection stations, measuring equipment monitoring, and as position measuring devices.

Machine Tool Control

Machine Tool Control

For milling machines, milling/turning machines and machining centers

  • Form a complete product line with their various features
  • Control machines with up to 18 axes
  • Their Klartext conversational programming capability is suited for theworkshop floor
  • Can also be programmed externally
  • Are also suited for automated production
  • Are the correct choice for everything from simple milling procedures to high-speed milling

Touch Probes

HEIDENHAIN has been developing and manufacturing touch probes for workpiece and tool measurement on machine tools for over 30 years now, in particular for milling machines and machining centers. The setup, measuring and monitoring functions of the touch probes can be fully automated—in conjunction with most NC controls they can even be controlled by the program—and help to reduce costs. TS triggering touch probes handle the measurement of workpieces, while TT touch probes and TL laser systems are available for the measurement of tools.



From the moment you power up your MILLPWRG2® control system, you’ll know it was built with convenience in mind. From the exceptional clarity of a large full-color LCD display to the added advantage of full 3D contouring capabilities and menu-prompted conversational programming, essential functions are only a key stroke away. Use MILLPWRG2® as a full function digital readout system, a programmable CNC control or both. It’s powerful enough to handle any job and easy enough for anyone to operate. No prior programming experience necessary.

Digital Readouts

Digital readouts from ACU-RITE make your manually operated machine tools more profitable, improve productivity, and raise the quality of the machined workpiece. The large LCD display clearly shows the actual axis positions. The context-sensitive graphical user guidance makes working with digital readouts from ACU-RITE a pleasure. Together with the linear scales from ACU-RITE they form an economic and effective package solution for initial setup or retrofitting on your machine tool.

Linear Encoders

With more than one million in use today, ACU-RITE® Precision Glass Scales withstand the elements of even the harshest machine shop environments. Built to resist changes in size, shape, or density due to temperature and humidity variations, this stability provides exceptional accuracy, resulting in tighter workpiece tolerances. ACU-RITE® scales are available in travel lengths from 1″ – 120″ and in resolutions from 0.5μm (.00002″) to 5μm (.0002″).  

  • SENC 50
  • SENC 150
  • LMF 9310

Edge Finder

ACU-RITE’s 3-D Electronic Edge Finder is designed for use with the 200S and 300S series readouts or the MILLPWRG2 2- and 3-axis control/3-axis readout system. This probe, mounted in the spindle, automatically zeros on contact with either conductive or nonconducting materials, increasing operator speed and accuracy when establishing datum (workpiece zero). The ACU-RITE Electronic Edge Finder is an ideal tool for any machinist or operator responsible for efficient, accurate work. It accommodates a wide range of jobs, decreases setup times and ensures precise, repeatable positioning.

School Discount Program

ACU-RITE has renewed its initiative to bring students interested in the precision metalworking field the newest and best technology available today. To do so, ACU-RITE is partnering with local distributors (us)  to provide its MILLPWR G2CNC controllers and DRO packages at deep discounts to all schools with precision metalworking and vocational programs.

MILLPWR II Trade-In Discount

Northwest Metrology is offering $1500 dollars off list price when you trade in your old MILLPWR II console for the new G2 console. 

Contact us directly for more information!

Kent USA


Kent USA grinders are well-proven and trusted globally, with long-lasting, dependable precision and performance coupled with best-in-class customer support since 1979. With over 38 years of industry experience and over 18,000 sets sold worldwide, Kent USA surface grinders are the proven solution to your grinding needs.

  • Manual hand feed grinders
  • Automatic feed grinders
  • Double column grinders
  • Cylindrical and centerless grinders
  • Knife grinders
  • Tool and cutter grinders


Kent USA lathes have the features you want with the precision and reliability you can depend on for all your turning needs. Our RML and ML-series lathes come with a full solid cast iron machine base for maximum rigidity, plus a front pull-out chip tray for easy maintenance. ML-series lathes have 3” spindle bore, 2-speed tail stock, and 3-position longitudinal feed stops – it’s the ideal lathe for the demanding workshop. For smaller turning needs, look to our TRL-series lathes. Its small size combined with a full universal gearbox means the full range of inch and metric threads can be set by just the levers, eliminating the need and hassle of change gears. This model is a favorite with small tool rooms and many technical schools. Kent USA offers:

  • Manual economy lathes
  • Manual precision lathes
  • Manual oil country lathes
  • CNC economy lathes
  • CNC precision lathes
  • CNC turning centers


Kent USA mills are setting new standards in both features and performance. Our variable frequency drive mill is the highest performing mill in its class. These VFD mills run on 3-phase or 1-phase power without modification. Use it in the professional shop or home garage. No phase converter is required for single phase power. Large digital spindle RPM display and real time spindle load meter make using the mill easy and precise. With power to go from 0-4500 rpm in under 3 seconds, our milling machines can take your productivity to the next level. Kent USA offers:

  • Manual knee mills
  • CNC knee mills
  • Bed mills and VMCs
  • Combination mills
  • Universal mills
  • Horizontal boring mills


Kent USA electrical discharge machines (EDMs) offer you the speed and accuracy to machine your parts successfully. Our Programmable Z-NC EDM’s give you the control to burn with confidence and precision. CNC wire-cut EDM with flushing or submerged capability and AC power supply for minimal electrolytic degradation of the workpiece allows you to cut faster and produce better results. Kent USA offers a wide range of sinker type, wire cut flushing type, and wire cut submerge type EDMs. Kent USA offers:

  • Sinker type EDMs
  • Wire-cut flushing type EDMs
  • Wire-cut submerge type EDMs
  • H-type moving column type EDMs

Radial Arm Drills

Kent USA provides a full range of premium quality radial arm drills. Our radial arm drills are made only with high class cast iron under heat treatment and grinding. The columns, arms, and gear boxes can be set to be mutually independent or synchronous with clamping. In addition, our radial arm drills are also equipped with friction type disc clutch to absorb impact force caused by the vertical movement of the spindle to protect the transmission inside the box. As a safety feature, our radial arm drills are equipped with a special arm elevating mechanism, not found in most competitor machines, to prevent the arm from abruptly falling after several years of heavy usage.


Bandsaws are a must have for metalworking facilities. Kent USA provides a wide range of bandsaws for both job shops and production facilities. All Kent USA bandsaws are made with full cast iron body with sheet metal base for maximum stability and durability. Most of our bandsaws are equipped with hydraulic blade tension device. We also offer hydraulic vise and conveyor belt options for more comprehensive turnkey production solution. Kent USA bandsaws come in horizontal, vertical, H/V, and miter cutting to suit just about every need.

Ball Screw Services

Ballscrew Manufacturing

Working with the leaders in ball screw servicing, we pride ourselves in the providing the highest quality and fastest delivery of any ball screw representative. 

At Northwest Metrology, meeting our customers needs is our top priority. We offer engineered solutions and utilize decades of ball screw design experience in machine tool applications and troubleshooting to assist in all your ball screw needs.

Our Services:

  • New Ball Screws
  • Acme Screws 
  • Reconditioning Services
  • High Quality / High Precision
  • Trapezoidal & Buttress Screws
  • Emergency Service / Expedited
  • Engineering Application Assistance
  • Large Capacity 8" Diameter & 70' Long

New Ball Screw Manufacturing

We offer the best delivery of new precision ground, semiprecision and commercial grade ball screws with internal or external ball return systems.

We can manufacture your screw assembly to your exact print of specifications. Screw material is always on hand for all common English and metric sizes beteen 1/2 inch and 6 inch diameter with lengths through 40 feet. Longer lengths can be manufactured by permanently joining bars by a special process to achieve screw lengths up to 70 feet.  

Ball Screw Reconditioning and Emergency Repair

Working with pioneers in the ball screw service industry, we have over four decades of experience recondition ball screws.

Our detailed inspection and engineering analysis of the failed ball screw assembly often pinpoints serious application or installation problems with the machine tool.

To determine the cost of repairing a ball screw, it should be shipped to our facility in Michigan for a no-charge inspection.

Conventional Lead Screws

We work with parters who have the engineering know-how, skilled machinists and equipment to assist you in your conventional lead screw needs. We offer ground screws with a lead accuracy of .0005" per foot and a milled or whirled screw with .002" - .004" per foot lead accuracy. We can design and manufacture high accuracy or high load carrying Acme and Trapezoiidal screws with English or metric leads. 

We can also recondition your worn lead screw by thread milling, whirling or regrinding back to original specifications.